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Aging With Grace LA - Weekly Show Sponsored by LiveWell

Episode #1: Air Date - 4/18/12

Aging With Grace LA - Episode 1

In this episode of Aging with Grace LA, we will discuss how to avoid Caregiver Burnout, Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and 7 Secrets to living a vibrant and fulfilled life.
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Episode #2: Air Date - 4/25/12

Aging With Grace LA - Episode 2

This week on Aging with Grace LA, we’ll discuss Simple health tips for Caregivers, Symptoms of Hypertension, and the inside scoop on Antioxidants!
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Episode #3: Air Date - TBD

Aging With Grace LA - Episode 3

This week on Aging with Grace LA we’ll discuss the joys of Assistive Technology, Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), and how to build better bones.
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Episode #4: Air Date - TBD

Aging With Grace LA - Episode 4

This week on Aging with Grace LA we’ll discuss Caring for the Caregiver, Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes, and foods to help with your digestive system.
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At LiveWell Home Care, our goal is not only to provide the best care givers but to also educate our clients and our community on healthy aging and aging with grace. Aging with Grace LA is a serial video programming sponsored by LiveWell. Each weekly episode has five segments:

1. Caregiver Connection – will connect with Caregivers by providing helpful tips and resourceful information to help care for them while they are busy caring for others.

2. Health Matters – will provide helpful information regarding signs and symptoms of several different types of health issues such as Hypertension, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, etc.

3. Viewer’s Asked This is where we connect with our community and provide an opportunity for viewers to ask in our social media forums and have them answered in the show.

To submit your question, please do one of the following:

4. Health & Wellness – will provide tips on healthy aging.

5. Senior Spotlight – will highlight a senior that is living a vibrant, thriving, fulfilling lifestyle.

To add a little entertainment value along with our educational material, episodes will also provide some Quick Fun Facts or Senior Trivia. Tune in to Aging with Grace LA to be informed, educated, and entertained!

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